Funsicle SFX1000 SkimmerPlus Filter Pump

Warm Gray

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A 2-in1 pool cleaning wonder

The most efficient water filtration system to keep your pool pristine and clean all summer so you can enjoy refreshing water.

Flow Rate:  1,000 Gallons / h

Compatible with: Funsicle Activity, Oasis and Oasis Designer Pools

  • Advanced skimmer & filter cartridge all in one
  • Attaches to sidewall of pool – easy access & prevents tripping
  • Low maintenance - filter cartridge only
    needs to be replaced every 2 weeks
  • SFX 10000 SkimmerPlus™ Filter Pump (110~120 V) with water flow rate 1,000 gph (gallons per hour)
  • Uses Type C cartridge filter
  • ETL approved
  • 1 SFX1000 SkimmerPlus Filter Pump
  • 1 Hose
  • 1 Type C Filter Cartridge