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3 Quick Wins for a Planet-Friendlier Lifestyle

There’s no way around it – our Earth needs a unified effort from all of us to keep the environment cleaner and healthier for future generations. And we all know it. But what some might not know is that caring for the Earth is easy, impactful and actionable with these super easy tips. Our quick wins won’t break the bank, don’t require huge effort and won’t completely disrupt your lifestyle. A win-win all around.

#1 – Bring Your Own (BYO): Sustainability in the Bag!

Caffeine is a truly wonderful thing – an aromatic cup of coffee gives most of us that much-needed morning (and sometimes afternoon ) boost we need to power through a busy schedule. The only problem? Those pesky single-use cups. You may think a paper cup is better than plastic, but research shows that most “paper” cups contain a polyurethane coating, making recycling difficult and only a paltry 2% are.

The simple solution– BYO! By investing in a reusable cup, you can enjoy your coffee, tea or matcha habit sustainably – not contributing to the half a trillion single-use cups made globally each year. Most coffee shops even offer a discount for bringing your own cup – a delightful bonus! The BYO rule doesn’t just apply to your regular cup of joe.  Say goodbye to single-use plastic straws by switching to a bamboo or metal one and make every beverage taste sustainably sweeter. You can also swap the single-use plastic bags when out shopping by bringing your own cute tote or mesh bags – they look way better with your outfit too!

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Image sources: Cafeconcetto, John Tyson & Madalyn Cox on Unsplash
#2 – Caring Consumers Unite

Much like coffee, shopping is a habit we like to indulge in occasionally, but with overflowing landfills on your mind, it’s difficult to enjoy it without feeling guilty. By adapting to be a more sustainable consumer, you can minimize that guilty conscience and shop with a purpose. Try including these tips on your next shopping trip.

  • Reduce packaging waste: Make sure to recycle or reuse any packaging your items come in and again; totally bring your tote bags with you on any shopping errand. Returning or donating packaging materials like bubble wrap to small business owners is also a great way to upcycle.
  • Seek out sustainable values: Sustainability is at the forefront for many brands who understand that being eco-conscious isn’t just for customers. We know caring for the Earth is cool – which is why any pre-loved Funsicle inflatable pools and floats can be recycled through our free program with TerraCycle®, helping you happily float on purpose.*
  • Hit up the farmer’s market: When you buy from local farmers, you promote sustainable agriculture, reduce carbon emissions, support local economies, and get to enjoy delicious fresh, seasonal produce.
  • Embrace your community marketplace: For home items like furniture, books, artworks and appliances, find a local online group that regularly posts items being given away or selling second-hand.

*Continental USA only

Image sources: Jack Church, Ruben Valenzuela & Freddie Marriage
#3 – Meat-Free Mondays: Dig that Veggie Vibe

Carnivores, there’s no need to run for the hills! Meat-Free Monday is simply a suggestion (and a fun opportunity) to eat vegetable-based recipes once a week. By dedicating one day a week to eating plant-based meals, you're not only helping to fight climate change, but also opening the door to a whole new world of flavors and culinary adventures. Think yummy stir-fries, crispy tofu and mouthwatering veggie burgers – there’s a huge variety of plant-based meals out there to tantalize your tastebuds. Eating less meat means fewer emissions from the agricultural industry and a reduced carbon footprint. Thinking about it? Here’s a few tasty facts to chew on, courtesy of Monday Campaigns.

  • Livestock production creates more greenhouse gases than all the cars, trucks, planes, and trains on Earth.
  • Producing only ONE quarter-pound beef burger uses up enough energy to power an iPhone for 6 months.
  • By participating in Meat-Free Monday for just one year, you save the same amount of carbon emissions it would take a car to drive 348 miles!
vegetarian meals
Image Source: Sweet Life


So, there you have it: three quick wins to unlock a more planet-friendly lifestyle. Remember, no one is perfect, and it's all about progress, not perfection. Just by tweaking a few small habits, you can make a significant positive impact– a huge win for both you AND the Earth. 

Now go forth, carry your own cup, support recycling programs, and embrace the veggie-filled Mondays that await you on your planet-friendly journey.

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