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Quick Buying Guide: Which Pool is Best for Me?

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with an overstuffed restaurant menu or a Netflix to-watch list of 1,000+ titles, you’ll especially appreciate the simplicity of this article. In fact, according to Fast Company, too many options can reverse-engineer our thought process and ‘paralyze’ us from making any decision at all. Apply this towards selecting an above ground pool for your backyard. Big? Little? Deep? Pretty? So many options. It’s why, in the spirit of making your decision as easy as possible, we’ve crafted a quick buying guide that walks you through a painless process of selecting the best pool for you.

6 Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Above Ground Pool

 #1 – Size

 When it comes to backyard pools, size matters. Just like you’d measure a couch before dragging it into your living room, you’ll want to put ‘pool size’ at the top of your list and consider it in relation to the space it will occupy. A great diameter size range is between 10 and 24 feet, with typically the average backyard owner starting with something around 14 to 16 feet. Also, size isn’t just about the number. Consider the pool’s shape: round, oval or rectangular, for example. Additionally, think of the depth. If a bunch of little ones will be using the pool every day, a shallower depth could be ideal. Here’s one of our most popular round pools.


#2 – Setup

 The setup method of an above ground pool can make or break your spirits when it comes to the pool popup process. Spending more time relaxing in water is much more ideal than wasting hours getting wet from sweat during the setup. First thing to ask yourself: Do you want a pool with a metal frame or without one? It’s important because it will affect how you set it up. For example, the Funsicle QuickSet Pool, which is sans frames, is known for its super-fast setup. Just add water and watch the pool rise. Frame pools tend to hold up for longer periods of time with much more structural integrity. The Activity and Oasis pools have frames, and thanks to expert engineering, the setup is easy with snap-in designs. 


#3 – Use

Planning on leveraging your pool to relax, play, swim, entertain – or all the above? How you will use the pool should be top of mind during the decision process. For example, if you see yourself hosting parties where guests will play water volleyball, you’ll want something like the Funsicle Activity Pool. It’s big and sturdy enough for a range of different body types but also, with depth options from 26” to 36”, is ideal for people to comfortably stand (or jump) without having to float. Or, if swimming or relaxing is more your style, a deeper pool like the Funsicle Oasis Pool (42” to 52” depth options) is the better bet where your fingertips are less likely to hit the pool bottom when doing Freestyle.


 #4 – Features

Just like there’s a plethora of topping options in any Chipotle or Subway checkout line, pools can offer various features and accessories. For a lot of people, the pool’s filtration system is a big decision factor. The more powerful the filter, the cleaner and clearer the water. Filter placement can matter as well, which is why many people look for pools with filters attached to the pool’s walls rather than taking up space on the ground. The value-add of the complete pool package plays a role too. For example, some pools come with a pool cover, ground cloth and a ladder – all essentials for an optimal experience. You can even take your pool to that next level with a see-thru window. It offers a fun, unique view both in and out of the water. Other pool care accessories to consider: vacuum bots, sand filter pumps, filter cartridges, chlorine dispensers, pool caddies, shade canopies, and more.


#5 – Value

 All the above-mentioned factors play into the pool’s overall value. So, figure out your return on investment: Is this pool worth your time and money? Inflatable pools may be generally cheaper than metal frame pools due to less structural materials, but they have tremendous value and are a popular go-to for those who want an easy and quick way to refresh. If you’re looking for family inflatable pools for kids or adults, check out this catalogue and filter through the available pools. Inflatable pools aren’t just for kids; check out these plunge pools designed for adults. An inflatable or above ground pool will definitely be less expensive than an in-ground pool. It’s not permanent like a built-in pool, but if you buy a best-in-class pool made with durable, puncture-resistant materials, it can hold up from year to year. Expect to spend anywhere between $50 to $1,500 for a quality pool. The benefits you’ll receive from it can be priceless. 


#6 – Décor

Aesthetics matter to some, especially when it comes to setting a specific outdoor style and vibe. After all, depending on which pool you buy, it will sit in your backyard for weeks, months, even years, so you’ll want to consider how it will look. Consider different exterior and interior designs. Colors can range from traditional blue and gray, to realistic designer prints (wicker, basketweave, herringbone, rattan, etc.) that can complement your backyard décor. Some pools come with a Matte finish, which not only looks premium but can protect against scratches and corrosion. For all you DIY enthusiasts, there’s a lot of fun things you can do to turn your pool into a backyard oasis. 

Whether it’s a small inflatable pool or a gigantic designer above ground pool, the point is that there is a perfect pool just waiting for you. Now all you just have to do is find it. 😉

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