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5 Fun Ways to Get Away Without Getting Away

Sometimes ‘getting away’ doesn’t have to involve reservations, luggage or overpriced gas. In fact, taking a much-needed break from the life hustle doesn’t need travel—just a few steps into your backyard. It’s called a ‘staycation’ and we’re all for it.

The popularity of staycations rose during the pandemic as travel came to a halt. What was born from necessity has now become a mainstay of culture. Statisa reports that 63% of Americans have taken a staycation since 2020. A staycation is not only great for a well-deserved rest but is often cheaper and less hassle.

 We polled some parents on ideas for turning your backyard into a heavenly haven. Here’s are favorites:

Open Air Cinema

The magic of watching a movie outdoors on the big screen never fades (remember drive-in theaters from back in the day?). Get your children involved with setting up the cinema. They can design the movie poster, set up the snack table and help guests find their seats.

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What You Need

  • 1 movie projector
  • 1 large white sheet
  • Bags of popcorn (already popped) and seasonings
  • Bags of various candies and drinks
  • 1 empty laundry bucket
  • 1 set of paper lunch bags
  • Inflatable lounges for each guest
  • Pillows and blankets

Create Your Cinema

  1. Set up the screen by connecting a laundry line across the yard. Place the sheet over it and make sure it touches the ground by more than 2 inches.
  2. Fix the sheet in place with pegs on the line. Use tent pegs secure it to the ground
  3. Set up the snack counter by putting the popcorn into paper bags and putting the bags into the laundry bucket
  4. Place the seasonings, candies and drinks next to the bucket
  5. Inflate the lounges and place them facing the screen
  6. Start the movie
  7. Watch and repeat 😉

Spa Retreat

Turn your backyard into an oasis of self-care with a spa day. This idea is perfect for when you’re craving me-time – make sure the kids are at playdates so you can enjoy total peace and quiet.

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Create Your Perfect Spa Day

  • Set up an outdoor haven with a canopy, calming music and a comfy reclining chair
  • Fill a kiddie pool with warm water and essential oils for a soothing foot soak
  • Call a massage therapist for an in-house appointment
  • Treat yourself to a homemade face mask: Mix together 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, 2 drops of lavender oil and 1 quarter of a ripe avocado. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes before washing it off with a clean face cloth.

Water Park Wonderland

Turn your backyard into a water-filled wonderland. You can architect an obstacle course with these ideas or let your children play freely.

(image sources: and

 Create Your Water Park Wonderland

  • Water Balloon Pinata: Fill balloons with water and suspend them from string. Let the children whack them with a plastic bat or stick
  • Slip ’n Slide: Place water slides side by side for racing or in one long line for a super slippery slide
  • Sponge Dodgeballs: Soak large sponges in water and play sponge dodgeball with them
  • DIY Water Wall: Using leftover plastic bottles, cut holes in the sides and use zip ties to attach them to a fence. Let kids fill them up with water and watch as it travels down through the bottles

Crazy Carnival

State carnivals and fairs are a beloved summertime staple. Creating your own in the backyard can be an awesome mini-holiday experience.

(Image sources: Infarrantly Creative and Echoes of Laughter)

Create Your Crazy Carnival

  • Scoop-A-Duck: Fill an inflatable pool with water and let the smaller children try to scoop a duck up with a net
  • DIY Bowling Alley: Using a yoga mat, plastic cola bottles and soccer ball, create an outdoor bowling alley
  • Stilt Race: Use coffee cans, and after making two holes on either side, string twine through them to make stilts
  • Spray Paint Twister: Use spray paint in white, yellow, orange and blue to create the Twister board on your lawn


This is an outdoor staycation that will delight the whole family. Glamping is a step above regular camping – think soft cotton duvets and gourmet meals. With your home just a few feet away, you are spoiled for choice.

(Image sources: Melanie Jade Design and Apartment Therapy)

Create Your Glamping Staycation

An at-home getaway has never been more exciting. With these simple DIY tricks – you’ll never want to leave the house—or at least the backyard 😉      

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