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Why an Above Ground Pool Just Makes Complete Summer Sense

We all know that spending more time outdoors can help with health and happiness. So, it’s a real bummer to hear how a growing trend is that young people in Western countries are spending dramatically less time outdoors. 

We have some ideas for reversing that trend. Fun ideas. Cost-effective ones. And they all involve an above ground pool. Of course, if you have an in-ground pool, these ideas still work. But if you don’t, and you’re looking for a much cheaper, more versatile and a lot simpler option, an above ground pool is the way to go (scroll down to the end for some good pool options).

Here are some healthy and happy ways to optimize outdoor life – all in the comfort of your own backyard.

Swim Lessons

 You don’t need a public pool to teach your kids how to swim. With a deep enough above ground pool and a secure ladder, you can literally climb into all types of swim-teaching adventures. There are certified swim instructors who can come to your place and teach your littles ones how to swim. Or, work on your own swimming mastery by practicing in your backyard with equipment such as kickboards, floats or buoys.

Interactive Play

There’s so much power in play. In fact, research from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) shows that play can support a child’s ability to plan, organize and socialize with others as well as help regulate their emotions and cope with stress. There are plenty of ways to play with your family in a pool—and some great products to encourage that. Here’s some of our favorites. Just add water and imagination. 

Exercise to Fitness

Just moving and grooving in a pool not only burns calories but can be a complete body workout—with less weight on your joints. If hitting the gym every day is not in the plans this summer, consider putting up an above ground pool, which can be a cost-effective fitness option. Kicking, swimming, lifting, dancing, aqua aerobics… it’s all valid in the water, even if it’s just climbing into the pool that is waist deep and walking the perimeter for 10 minutes. Check out for all the benefits to becoming more active in a pool.


Getaway While You Staycay

 Sometimes it’s just nice to take a day or two (even an afternoon) throughout the summer for a much-needed break. You’re able to mentally get away without physically going anywhere. The nice thing about leveraging a pool in your backyard for life reprieve is you can do it anytime you want. And an affordable above ground pool will give you much vacation value on a tight budget. We’ve found that the ultimate relaxing experience is having the right float.

Hosting Events

Backyard bliss can happen whenever there’s a pool and some people. Don’t wait for a birthday party or a formal holiday to host an aqua party. Create your own fun themed event. We’ve put together some fun ideas for you here.

Oh, the benefits to ‘backyard pooling’ are endless….

Have we mentioned yet that just getting outside into the sun and Vitamin D can bring a whole lot of benefits in terms of health and wellness? For example, just spending more time in the outdoors may help to promote more optimism, peace and feel-good vibes. Also, turning your backyard into an oasis can encourage family time, entertainment and relaxation. Plus, an above ground pool is so versatile—find one that fits your backyard size, lifestyle, décor and budget. Here’s some we’d recommend to help you test the waters.

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